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Annual Furnace Cleanings - $160.00
**Includes:  Nozzle, Pump Screen, Fuel filter, Brush & Vacuum Unit, Safety Check,
Tank Inspection, Efficiency Test**
(Spin On Fuel Filters are an extra $18.00)

Your furnace/boiler will be brushed and vacuumed out.  The fuel filter, pump screen, and nozzle will be replaced.
The igniter and cad cell will be tested.  The chamber kit and oil tank will be inspected.
An efficiency test will be performed.
Call 603-239-6721 Today!

Did you know??
You can pick up Dyed Kerosene, Dyed Diesel, and Clear Diesel
at the office during business hours.

Fill your transfer tank or your 5 gallon can!!

8:15am - 4:45pm






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"You guys are great!  I ran out of oil, it was freezing outside, it was freezing in my house and with an email to Bobs I had oil within two hours! That is good service people!" - Alyssa W.

"Thank you so much for your quick response – A+ customer service as always!"