Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer Budget Plans?
A:  Yes, we absolutely offer Budget Plans.  See our “Payment Programs” page, we typically start our Budget Programs in July, to be completed by April.  We prefer that customers are with us for 1 year before beginning a Budget Contract.

Q. If I run out of heating oil in the middle of the night, what should I do?
A:  We have a 24/7 phone line.  Please call 603-239-6721.  Your message will be taken by our Answering Service, then forwarded to our driver on call.  There is an additional charge for our driver to go out during the night and/or weekend.

**If you’re an automatic customer, there will be no extra charge!

In the event you have a furnace issue in the middle of the night (or weekends) you can also call our 24/7 phone line to reach a Service Technician.

Q. When are you in my area?
A:  Please visit our “Fuel Delivery!” page for our schedule!

Q. Is there an additional charge if I need a delivery and you’re not in my area?  What if the furnace needs to be started?
A:  Our “Off Day” charge is $50.00. Our Oil Delivery Drivers are very familiar with starting a furnace, so they can do it on the spot.  There is an additional charge of $30.00 for this.  Please remember they’ll need to be able to access the furnace.

Additional Information Regarding Our Prebuy Program:

With a Prebuy Program, you lock in a pre-season rate, guaranteeing that your price per gallon will not increase, despite what happens with the market. You make a single up-front payment, specifying the number of gallons you wish to purchase. Once your reserved prebuy gallons are delivered in full, the additional gallons will be billed at our current market price per gallon, for the remainder of the season.

This program is definitely recommended, based on history…during the colder months, the demand for heating oil increases, therefore the price per gallon increases; in the warmer months, the demand for heating oil decreases, therefore the price per gallon decreases. However, in recent years, the oil market has become very volatile rising and falling without the pressure of demand.

Q. When will the Prebuy Program be available for the next heating season?
A. We watch the market very closely during the Spring and Summer months, analyzing and trying to determine the best moment to lock in our contracts.  Per the State of NH, we are able to offer Pre-Buy Heating Oil/Kerosene May 1 – October 31.

Q. Once the program is announced, how long does a customer have to lock in their contract?
A. The Prebuy Program historically sells out pretty quickly. Please plan to make your decision by August 15th.

Q. If the market price per gallon is lower than the Prebuy price can I get this price instead?
A. No. We sign a contract with our suppliers, just as we ask our customers to sign a Prebuy contract with us. Therefore, we must purchase, pull and pay for the gallons we have reserved. We ask that our customers do the same.
A.  Yes.  We offer “Downside Protection” on our Pre-Buy contract.  Downside Protection is an additional $0.25/gallon, but does guarantee the lowest price!

Q. What if a customer locks in more gallons than are used in a heating season? Do the extra funds get refunded?
A. In the event a customer locks in more gallons than what are used/delivered during a heating season, the credit funds will remain on your account for future use. The credit can also be used toward the following season’s prebuy contract, spring/summer/fall deliveries, as well as service (ex. Furnace cleaning, burner service, etc.).

Q. What payment methods are accepted for the Prebuy Program?
A. We accept Cash, Check, Credit/Debit.
To cover the additional fees charged to us by our credit card/debit card processor, we do add $0.05 per gallon for processing a credit/debit card for this purchase.

Burner Service Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I clean my furnace?
A.  To maintain optimum efficiency, your furnace/boiler should be serviced annually.

Q. Do we stock parts for quick repairs?
A. Yes.  Please call in advance to be sure we have what you need, but we do try to keep up with our stock room inventory.

Q. Who do I make the check payable to?
A. Please make checks payable to:  Bob’s Fuel Company, LLC

Q. Do you accept credit or debit cards?
A. Yes.  We can accept the following:  Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex