"You guys are great!  I ran out of oil, it was freezing outside, it was freezing in my house and with an email to Bobs I had oil within two hours! That is good service people!" - Alyssa W.

"Thank you so much for your quick response – A+ customer service as always!"


We're a 3rd generation family company providing:

  • STRONG customer service
  • Consistently LOW pricing
  • As well as maintaining PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS!

What Does Bob's Fuel Have To Offer?

Savings, Reliability, and Great Customer Service

These days, everyone is trying to keep as much money in their pocket as possible!  We'll help you do that!  We're very focused on offering the most competitive pricing we can!  In the event you find that we are not the lowest, simply let us know as we do offer price matching.  To help our customers, through the tough, cold winters, we also offer Budget Plans, Prebuy (Price Protection) Programs, and Automatic Delivery.  We work hand in hand with the Fuel Assistance offices in NH, MA, and VT.  But, most importantly, we offer 24/7 service (Fuel and Burner Service) for emergencies!  

Come Join Our Family!

We are now offering our Early Bird Special for Furnace/Boiler Cleanings!

early-birdSchedule your annual furnace/boiler cleaning now & SAVE!!
ONLY $110.00!

When we clean your furnace, you can be sure that we are cleaning all of the parts of the furnace, to help ensure optimum efficiency!  

Let our experienced technicians do the dirty work for you!

Call us today at 603-239-6721!
(This special is only valid through July 2016) - Book now!


We are hiring!  
We are currently accepting applications for Drivers and Burner Technicians.  We service customers within a 20-mile radius of Winchester, NH (including Mass. and VT).  Please see our applications below.  Contact our office for any additional information.  Call 603-239-6721 or email bobsfuelcompany@gmail.com.  Thank you!!  **Please pass the word along to someone that you know, that may be interested!**

Application for Employment - Drivers

Application for Employment - Burner Techs


Did you know?

Oil heat is the safest, most efficient means to heat a home or business. Fuel oil is a very stable, combustible, non-explosive product, which addresses some of the safety concerns that surround other fuels. The efficiency is a result of the high BTU content found in a gallon of oil, versus an equal measure of natural gas, propane, or electricity.